Founder and creative leader Hanne Klintøe.

hanne klintøe


Hanne Klintoe is the leader and founder of 44, the platform for her sharp, strategic creativity, deep knowledge of human behaviour and experienced business insight. 

She's lived in seven countries, speaks four languages and has 18 years' experience of working with executives making their mark on the world. From powerful concepts to visionary strategies, Hanne's unique combination of structured strategic method and innovative creativity brings about change at every level. 

Hanne is an oxymoron with a keen love for both steak and salad. She's working on an interactive book called 'A year of change' and a series of creative tools for strategic development.


we like to partner


44 works with a wide range of specialists, who we hand pick for each project - from creative studios to climate warriors, future scientists to technical engineers. In our team are also digital developers, art directors and creative specialists. It all depends on the job.  

These are some of our recent project partners.

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Tanja bæk, Art director

Tanja Bæk is a regular partner and first choice in creative development. A formidable art director, she also drives creative height with admirable courage.

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Tamira snell, futurist

Tamira is a sharp futurist, specialising in future scenario testing. She worked with us to test various perspectives of our long-term strategy for IKEA.

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JipJip is a creative studio who has partnered with us on several large scale projects, delivering high calibre videos, workshop tools and event decoration.