Creative method
STrategic Change


It's ALL a matter of method


Wanting to bring about change, we have to work with the rules of human nature. When stressed or scared, human beings employ the primal, instinctual part of the brain - the one responsible for fight, flight or freeze - instead of the cognitive, rational, discerning brain, that allows creative, innovative thinking. 

In other words; threaten someone to come up with new thinking, and they’ll slowly go nuts, coming up with the old over and over again. 

No one should be interested in the design of bridges, they should be concerned with how to get to the other side.
— Cedric Price

The very structure and thinking that makes you and your teams feel safe - like, "We design bridges" -  is often the structure that prevents new thinking. Even if it keeps you in check and efficient in your day-to-day working life.

So you need a method to employ the best of your specialist brains; engineers, product developers, business managers, researchers, experts, leaders in a whole new setting. The world as it is tomorrow. But how?




Strategic DEVELOPMENT made easy

We break the innovation process down so much that you - or your developing teams - can’t see the depth of the canyon. In each step, you can’t even see there is one. Every question we ask, every task you are given, is such a small part of a carefully curated creative route that it feels safe to play with it. Even if it’s outside your usual frame.

Breaking it down, keeping all eyes off the big picture and focussed on tasks, we keep your best brains open, their creativity engaged and innovation inevitable. And once we put it all together, we have a solution, you never thought possible. 

Your best brains at their most creative. Imagine that. Sky's the limit.



People create change, plans don't. Putting your people at the heart of the change process means anchoring your strategy from day one. 

Through applied creativity in engaged strategic sessions, we train minds to play with new possibilities. And very early on, the creative work becomes proof that change is both good, tangible and possible - and built by everyone in the room. 

The result? The new becomes the known and creates what we call integrated change: Full ownership of the ideas behind the changes at the root of the organisation - and therefore powerful motivation to bring them to life. 



Work with us


Given the right framework and tools, we believe human beings can achieve anything they can imagine. That includes you and your teams. 

We know we can create what it takes - it’s what we do. We also know, you have an expertise in your field that can change your very own part of the world for good, armed with the right concept, strategy and execution. 

With our method, we generate ideas, test and select what works and produce the plans as we go. There is no homework, just pure, clean innovation, strategy, planning and implementing. We make it as plug and play as possible - and assist the implementation with strong strategic tools.

We believe in your creative power. Trust ours, and we’re in business.