It’s so much easier to change when you understand why

Our talks, workshops and courses are designed to answer questions. Questions about our service areas, sure, but therefore also questions about the most important areas within strategic communication. Areas that are changing fast. Because we work with them every day, we research ‘Why?’ every day. And that’s why we have all the answers. We believe they prepare our clients for change. Make them ready. ‘Cause it’s just so much easier to change when you understand why you should. We look forward to seeing you.

Why you need a strong strategic platform

– A strong strategic platform is like a brand’s Sat Nav that ensures consistency through growth

When your business grows and you develop new products, add more services and expand your contact surface and range of suppliers, it can be hard to keep your brand DNA sharp and visible. And hard not to lose it completely.

Having a strong strategic platform to keep your brand DNA in check is like having the luxury of Sat Nav through the jungle. It both positions you and gets you to your goal. But what does it actually consist of? Why is it so important? And how do you use it? Let us show you – book now.


– The what, why and how of digital strategy

Creating a digital strategy if you don’t have one already, essentially means reviewing and updating your business. It would have to include a due diligence not only on your products and target groups, but also on your internal organisation.

Do you work digitally? Do you know how your customers do? And where? What would you gain by implementing certain digital systems? And which products could you develop? Or translate your current analogue products to? Get all the answers – book a talk or workshop now!


– A talk on gaining influence and creating strong relations (personal or corporate angle)

Social media is the fast track to new relations. But how do you retain them? And how do you expand them? Is it possible to build lasting bonds in 140 characters? And once you do, how do you transfer them to the physical world?

Whether you’re a rookie, a regular, a person or a brand representative this talk will give you the basics of what’s important when building relationships in social media. And how far it can take you if you do it well. Want to get connected? Get in touch!


– Research, knowledge organisation, knowledge sharing and efficient work methods

The digital development constantly means new digital media. Which means new knowledge channels. Which means new work methods. Which means that you as a leader or researcher – or you as a company – need new tools.

Digital tools for research and knowledge sharing doesn’t just include tools for organisation of knowledge, but also tools that optimise it. Makes it easy to present. Search. Return to and update. We present the possibilities and can tailor the talk to your needs. Just write to us.

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