We wont list the Huffington Post, Wired, New York Times and The Guardian. That doesn’t mean we don’t love them. Or read them. It just means it’s too obvious. So here are some other sites we can’t live without. FYIO – for your inspiration only.

If We Don’t, Remember Me – animated GIFs from classic movies
From Up North – creative blog collecting art and design work from all over the world
Dear Damn Diary – you’ll have to see it. Make a cup of tea first. And clear your diary.
Ramogens – classic and curious 7″ records revisited
Holger Wilcks – chasing the perfect commercial
BureauBiz – Danish industry news
Jamie Wieck – Great visuals and light articles on life in Designerland
We Heart – eye candy en masse for extreme aesthetes
The 99 Percent Elle magazine for industry nerds
Johnny Rockwell – He’s funny. Important stuff.
BauBauhaus Because it’s just. So. Ahr…!
Private Eye Because the world needs more hilarity.
The New Republic Yeah well. We couldn’t help it. Long reads to save the day.
Politiken Magasinet This is for the Dane Brains. Long reads for rainy afternoons. (Lucky we have so many.)
Digg t’s like… the water fountain conversation of the internet?
Jon Worth Jon is sharp on digital influence and EU politics.
Fast Company If we weren’t 44, we’d like to be FastCo. A site to die for. Well. At least salivate over. Also check: Co.Design Linking business and design beautifully, and:
Co.Exist On ideas that pack a punch – mainly to make the world a better place.
There’s a Co.Create, too, and it’s…! Ok, you get it. Creativity in a commercial perspective.
Fubiz™ We could spend hours here. And do. Unless, of course we’re working for you. *COUGH
Creativity Creativity Online by AdAge. The site also offers great professional advertising resources. Best place for website inspiration. A catalogue of responsive websites.
Artlog Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Faesthetic A collection of art and oddities. Also has an amazing blogroll.
MagCulture Into magazines and editorial design? Magculture is for you. A catalogue of brilliance.
S MAGAZINE Dary but never scary. Ok, almost never scary then.
grain edit Mad about 50ies, 60ies and 70ies design? Here they are, with interviews and all.
Bookpickings Books! Oh books. The book guide from brilliant Brainpickings.
Brain Pickings The world must stop stop when we get a newsletter from Brainpickings. It just is so. Sorry.
Open Culture Enormous archive of free films, audio books, ebooks, online courses. A cultural mecca. Amazing.
SEMINAL MAGAZINE Seminal Magazine is so new, it’s not even out yet. But we can’t wait.
Society6 Danger, danger. Creative people printing art on merchandise. You want some.
Morten Nordenstrøm Morten writes brilliantly on the many possibilities of Instagram. Mostly in English.
Grist What’s happening to our world? And can we change it? Start here.
This Much I Know The interview equivalent of Desert Island Discs on the BBC.
Colossal You never knew the internet was so pretty. Art, design and visual culture.
But Does It Float We’d use the word artgasm, but that’d be cheap. Sit comfortably. Tea would be appropriate.
Inspiration Grid Yes. It could have no other name.