We remaster language. We make visuals speak. We create a personality, or support the one you‘ve grown, so that you can build stronger relations. We call it communication architecture because everything we build is built to last and live on. Long after we’ve left.

We’re a company of digital hybrids: part strategic, part creative and digital to the bone. We think digital into the core of every project; your business, your products, your way of working and your communication, so you don’t have to specify which realm you want. We will develop what you need in the context presented.

We’ve made a point of our architectural approach to communication. We never build faster than we can create a solid and lasting structure on any given foundation. We’re dedicated to extracting the essentials and creating sustainable solutions and content that matters.

Kommunikationarkitekter - Fortyfour – vi bygger broer med ord
Fortyfour - vi sætter virke i virksomheder

We make work work

We have a methodical and research-based approach to business development. Yet we see it as a creative process. As soon as we’ve mapped out the market and business foundation, we put on our creative thinking caps to uncover the elements traditional methods may have missed.

We combine our experience across industries and business types into innovative, scaleable, strategic solutions. And we mobilise your company’s united power through integrated solutions that connect digitals tools and media, traditional channels and effectful live interaction.

Our communication will develop your business in itself. But creative business development is a part of our offering that we just can’t help provide. Our aim is to work with what you got – and make more of it.


Fortyfour – vi sætter kamp i kampagner

I think the comedian’s job isn’t just to make people laugh. I think it is to make people think.
– Ricky Gervais

The communicator’s finest job is to make people think. You can make them laugh. You can make them cry. But if you don’t make them think, reflect and take a stand, your impact will be shallow. Blink and it’s gone.

We create lasting impressions. Impressions that plant a seed for a long relation of the kind that strengthens your business. We give your audience something to believe in, rather than just be entertained by. Because when we do, they keep coming back.

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